Trust First

We create turnkey solutions for highways, airports, and trains, as well as electrification, communications, navigation, runway lighting, and other subsystems, in accordance with national and international standards. With our design and project team that have mastered the varying rules of international geographical locations, we can build up signaling systems throughout Europe and Asia. On highways around the country, we successfully design, project, construct, and operate highway traffic monitoring and management systems, tunnel control systems, urban traffic monitoring, and management systems, and toll collecting systems.

As Güven Holding, we are expanding our field of operations day by day, along with projects and investments that have global added value and will lead humanity to a sustainable future.

As Güven Holding, we strive for a sustainable future while keeping in mind that we are also responsible for nature and all living things.


Truth and honesty are our primary values in all our business processes and relationships.


As Güven Holding, we lead the sectors in which we operate with our sustainability approach covering group companies.

Team Spirit

We act with an innovative human resources perspective, built on the values of equality, solidarity, modernity and lifelong development.

Employee Satisfaction

We renew ourselves in areas where we are lacking through the measurements we constantly make with our colleagues.