Bitumen exists as a solid or very viscous liquid and is processed as a material that softens when heated. Bitumen with hydrocarbon composition obtained from crude oil; It is a natural material that can be easily processed and easily found.
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The membrane is a selective barrier in physics, allowing some things to pass while stopping others. Such things could be molecules, ions, or other small particles.
Emulsion CRS-1
CRS-1 Cationic asphalt emulsion Hot mixture with bitumen, adhesion between layers and spraying temperature must be at least 50-85 degrees in asphalt production.
Emulsion CRS-2
CRS-2 Cationic asphalt emulsion is used in double-layer surface coatings.
It produces turnkey solutions for electrification and communication subsystems in road and rail transport at national and international standards, carries out road traffic monitoring and management systems, tunnel control systems, project design, construction, and operation activities, and provides communication, navigation, runway lighting, aircraft parking, and airport information systems to international standards.